Catrina - Ceropegia woodii 'Green Love'

Catrina - Ceropegia woodii 'Green Love'

Beautiful Catrina is a Ceropegia woodii 'Green Love' and in the same family as Ciara Ceropegia and her more well known sister Caitlin 'String of Hearts'.  She has lovely variegation on her pointed fleshy leaves and loves nothing better than to sit on a high shelf so her trailing stems can be shown off to all who pass her.


She loves indirect sunlight - be careful not to put her in strong midday sun otherwise her stems can get scorched.  Leave her soil to dry out slightly between watering, which you will need to do less of during the winter months.


She is also non-toxic so a super friendly addition to households with small children & pets (kittens sometimes try to play with her long stems though, so maybe for her sake keep her out of reach!)


Available in standard (9cm pot) or large (14cm pot)

Terracotta pot in image not included


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