Blooming Cantastic

Blooming Cantastic

One of our most loved designs and a revamped version born out of the strange and wonderful Covid 19 circumstances!


This design includes a bunch of seasonal & locally grown blooms, delivered in a (re-used) tin can which is covered in the trendiest (and reversible!) handmade pot cover.


Flower varieties and pot fabric may vary from the image.




Thursdays - East & North (order book will close at midday on the Wednesday - if the order is placed after this time it will be delivered the following week)


Fridays - West & South (order book will close at midday on the Thursday - if the order is placed after this time it will be delivered the following week)


Deliveries will be made between 9am and 5pm - we can’t specify any exact times and please make sure you leave a mobile number in case we have any problems delivering to you

  • Cut Flower Care Instructions

    We no longer use plastic or cellophane in our floral designs, so if your flowers are delivered with bare stems we recommend the following steps to get the longest vase life for your blooms

    1. Choose a clean vase and fill with water and one of the enclosed sachets of flower food.

    2. Pull or snip off any leaves that may end up under the water line - if they are in the water it will encourage bacteria and your flowers won't last as long

    3. Trim about 3cm off the stems - this is important to enable them to rehydrate - and place them straight in the vase.

    4. Choose the perfect spot for your flowers - on windowsills or above radiators will dehydrate them quickly and if they are near ripening fruit the ethylene gas released from fruit will also make your flowers fade quicker.

    5. After about 3-4 days, re-trim the stems and change the water, using the second enclosed sachet of flower food.

    6. Don't forget to check the water levels frequently if the flowers are in an opaque vase as some may be more thirsty than you realise!

  • Taking the perfect flower photo!

    1. Wait a day or two after the flowers have been delivered - we sometimes send flowers in bud so they last longer and they take a couple of days to look their best.

    2. Take your photos in natural daylight so the colours aren't altered by artificial light.

    3. Find a blank background to really show off the beauty of the flowers.

    4. Play around with different angles - the higher up the angle the more flowers you will see in the frame.

    5. Post your photos on social media and tag us (Instagram: @flowerstudioiom Facebook @fsiom) and go into our monthly draw to win a free bouquet of flowers!


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