Bianca - Dizygotheca elegantissima

Bianca - Dizygotheca elegantissima

Bianca is a beautiful Dizygotheca elegantissima - or False Aralia if you'd prefer her shorter name!


Her popularity has increased recently due to her fascinating foliage, long, narrow, saw toothed leaves with cream edges and slightly pink veins, she will definitely stand out in a room.


She likes to be in bright indirect light and with some humidity to really thrive.  You can also trim her stems to encourage her to grow nice and bushy!  She can have a strop and drop leaves if exposed to sudden changes in temperature so keep her away from draughts in the winter months.


She is non toxic as well so another reason to love her!


Pot size: 9cm diameter

Terracotta or wooden pot in pictures not included


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