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You're planning your wedding and more often than not, one of the things on your list is the flowers, but where do you even start? This article will hopefully give you some ideas from my point of view as the florist to make this part of your planning as stress free as possible.

Summer solstice wedding, flower crowns and wild bouquets
Fern & her beautiful Bridesmaids and Bridesman! (Liam Gilman Photography)

How soon should I book my florist?

There isn't a set time line, but I always advise to try and sort out your venue first and if possible your wedding dress - these two things are key for your florist to be able to design your florals. However, also be aware that we can only take on so much work for each date so if your heart is set on a certain florist then chat with them first before securing your venue just in case they aren't available.

Speaking to your florist earlier in your planning will also help with your budget as flower costs are usually significantly underestimated and once your cash has been spent elsewhere you might find you can't afford the flowers you had envisaged. Which brings us on to the next point...

Bridesmaids bouquets with Manx Hunting Tartan fabric
Bridesmaids bouquets with Manx Hunting Tartan fabric

How do I set my flower budget?

It is really tricky to set your flower budget as there are so many variables but try and have a rough figure in mind when you first meet your florist - it gives them something to work with to suggest designs that are suitable. As a guide, the flowers usually take up around 10% of your entire wedding budget, but this again will vary depending on how important a part of the day they are to you. This is a topic I have covered before and one I will probably revisit again soon!

How do I choose my wedding florist?

Florists are designers and we each have our own style - so you need to be confident that their style matches yours. Here at The Flower Studio our designs are natural, wild and a little whimsical - think soft foliage, trailing silk ribbons, scented garden roses and freshly picked seasonal flowers. Check out their social media pages, their website and even more importantly read any reviews. Don't be afraid to ask questions about their practices and environmental standards. I find that I click with certain couples straight away, and it is obvious we are on the same wave length. If I don't and they choose to go with another florist then it just means we weren't the right fit for each other and that is totally fine!

My top five tips...

1. Let your venue style lead you with the style and colour of your flowers - for instance, if it is a modern, sleek hotel, go for clean white and greens with bold contemporary foliage - or if it is a rustic barn, a more wild floral look would work better. You won't have to spend as much of your budget to make an impact if you work with your surroundings.

2. You don't have to have flowers EVERYWHERE! I know I am selling myself out of a job here, but when you visit your venue, don't feel that every windowsill or doorway should be framed with flowers - unless you have the budget for it of course! Your florist can help direct you with what arrangements will have the most impact and even if they can be reused somewhere else in the day - for instance a church alter arrangement can be transferred to the top table at the reception.

3. Splash out on the Bridal bouquet - this is one area you don't want to skimp on - after all, it will be in almost every photograph and the first thing people will see when you arrive at the ceremony! Also decide if you want to have it preserved ahead of your wedding. If it going to be dried or pressed then it needs to be in as near perfect condition - have a vase of water ready at the reception to pop it in to so it hasn't wilted by the end of the day. You might also have to book it in which the preservation company ahead of time.

4. Don't get caught up with trends - just because its on Pinterest and has pampas grass in it, doesn't mean it is right for you! Your wedding photos will hopefully be displayed in your house for years to come and admired by many generations so choose styles that you will still be proud to look at in 20+ years time!

5. Trust us and don't sweat the small stuff! It is our job to know how to pull off your wedding flowers to perfection - nobody will notice if the shade of pink roses in your bridesmaids bouquets isn't exactly the same as their dresses, but we know they will still look beautiful. There isn't an exact size measurement for a buttonhole and no we can't tell you the exact stem count of your bouquet but as professionals we want you to be 100% confident that when we turn up at your door with your flowers you will be absolutely delighted with them. Worrying about minor insignificant details is a drain of your time and energy!

Bridesmaids with pink roses
Beautiful Bridesmaids and posies

So what information should you have before you book your consultation?

We send out an online questionnaire to find out most of these details, but the main points are:

  • The date of your wedding! If you also have the timings for the day too that is a bonus but not super essential to start with

  • Bridal party numbers - bridesmaids, buttonholes, corsages etc

  • The venue details - especially important if you want florals for there!

  • Your colour palette or preferred style of flowers - if you have any images then this is also a great help

  • If you have any allergies or if there are flowers or colours you would hate to see in your wedding florals!

  • If you have chosen your dress then that will help your florist design a bouquet that complements it.

  • I love to know which other wedding vendors you are working with - photographer, cake maker, venue decor - we all love working together in a team to make sure all of our designs and details will work together on the day.

Pink and white rose buttonholes
Pretty pink and white buttonholes

If you have any further questions about booking your wedding flowers or if you would like to book a consultation, please feel free to get in touch on our contact page.

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