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Ways To Say I Love You…

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

What do you have planned for Valentine’s Day this year to say ‘I Love You’?  Will you go for the traditional red roses or do you prefer something more unique?  I am obviously going to suggest a bouquet of flowers from The Flower Studio (go to the supermarket or garage forecourt at your own peril!) but I thought I would give you a little inspiration…


The Dramatic Dozen, the old favourite!  Yes the price does go up for Valentine’s Day but that is due to the fact that red roses are in massive demand all over the world for just that one day. That is why The Flower Studio works closely with our wholesalers and growers to ensure we get the best price for the best quality roses.

Dramatic Dozen

Roses don’t have to be red! And how about something different from the traditional dozen?  Visit our online shop for more ideas!

Pink Valentine's Gift Box

Seasonal Flowers

There are lots of pretty seasonal flowers in stock if you want to steer clear of roses altogether.  I personally love the scented hyacinths and narcissi that are in our Spring Collection and because they are seasonal, you get much better value for money!

Scented Spring Hyacinth Globe

A Plant

For a longer lasting sentiment, give you loved one a plant, such as an exotic orchid or how about one of our ‘Aloe-ve You’ Aloe plants?

Aloe-ve you!

A Creative Night Out

Our workshop tickets make lovely gifts and the next one is the Spring Terrarium on the 19th February… also available to order online and we will post the ticket with a message in a romantic card if you like.

Spring Terrarium Workshop

Little extras…

There is also a variety of balloons, chocolates, teddy bears, and other pretty decorations to make your loved one feel special in our shop at Tynwald Mills, open 7 days a week if you want to come and have a look for yourself or visit our online shop to place you order and get FREE delivery to all Isle of Man addresses.

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