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Warning – This shop contains gorgeous blooms and delightful scents….

We should have that on a sign outside the shop….

I love it when people walk through the door and gasp, then take another deep breath and are surprised that they can smell the beauty as well as see it.  Even the men are doing it!

So for this Blog post I thought I would let the flowers do the talking.  All you have to do is imagine the smell.  Or you could come and visit us in the shop, we would love to see you!

Ranunuculus ‘Cappuchino’

Pussy Willow and Cherry Blossom

Rose ‘ Upper Secret’

Rose ‘Glorious’ – isn’t it??

Yes, more Ranunculus, but I love them.  This one is called ‘Pauline’. Pretty isn’t she?

I seem to be in a pink mood today, which isn’t unusual. But I now feel sad for the little yellow Narcissi that I have overlooked.  I will share them with you soon, I promise.

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