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Time to Grow!

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

A new season has begun and with that comes lots of lovely new arrivals at the Flower Studio Garden Centre.

First of all are the delightful David Austin Roses and as well as some favourites from last year, we have some new and exclusive rose varieties such as ‘William and Catherine’, a beautifully scented, white full petalled rose.

Another variety that I am looking forward to seeing in bloom again is ‘Lady of Shalott’ and her rich salmon coloured petals.

As well as these lovely old English roses, we have lots of new herbaceous stock, include Nepeta, Lupin, and Meconopsis.  So if you have any gaps in your garden, there are plenty of pretty plants to fill them, and in a month or so you should see the results!  Have a look back at our post on how to create a cottage garden for more growing tips.

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