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Time flies when you’re having fun…

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

…and fun is exactly what we have in our job! Most of the week has been spent preparing for Aimee & Andy’s and Louisa & Alex’s weddings todays and even when it gets to the stage where I am still in the shop at 1am making buttonholes I still wouldn’t change it for the world!

Speaking of the early hours, I must say thank you to the local police who after driving past the shop at midnight and spotting the lights on, popped in to check everything was ok!

The two wedding today were both very different styles….

Aimee & Andy – bold cerise germini & gerbera with diamante & crystal and statement foliage

And Louisa & Alex had a contemporary Art Nouveau style with wirework structures & exotic orchids

We also had a bit of a spring clean in the shop today… disturbing a rather large black spider whilst moving the tables… but we now have a dedicated consultation area where clients can sit and browse through our portfolio with a cuppa!

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