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These Brides need your vote!

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Since the closing date of our amazing ‘Win Your Wedding Flowers’ competition, I must of read each entry a squillion times and believe me, there were a lot of you that entered!  I shared the task with my girls in the shop and my other half helped too (for the all important blokes view!) and even after all this deliberating, I still can’t pick just one winner.

So I am handing over the responsibility to you!  Below are the three gorgeous couples that were shortlisted, and their answer for the entry question ‘Why do you deserve to win your wedding flowers?’

Please choose carefully who you select as you will only get one vote.  Voting will close on the 30th of September 2011 and the winner will be announced on the ‘Alright Petal’ Blog shortly after that.

Jennie & Kevin ‘The Beckham-esque Wedding’

(written by Jennie)

“According to several people, my husband-to-be looks incredibly like David Beckham – lucky me!

It was coming up to our 5 year anniversary of being together. The weekend before Valentines day Kev had booked us a table in a surprise location as he does every year. Although we usually go out on actual Valentines, we agreed to go before this year so we could go out for a few drinks together afterwards. As usual I asked what time I needed to be ready (I’m a typical girl who needs plenty of warning). He replied that I had to be ready and downstairs by 7pm, however I found out the table wasn’t booked until 7:30 so strolled downstairs quarter of an hour late, but in plenty of time to get anywhere in Douglas/Onchan. It was all very quiet and I was shouting the usual “have you locked the back door” etc, but got no response, getting a little cross I stormed into our kitchen. Then I got a shock, he had set up the engagement ring in a box surrounded by tealight candles and had a bottle of champagne at the ready (thats why I was meant to be down at 7pm!!).

He then asked if I’d do the honour of being his wife… which I obviously said yes to! Then proceeded to cry off all the carefully applied make up I’d put on to go out with tears of joy!! Needless to say we were a little late arriving for our meal at one of my favourite restaurants.  

We had a lovely evening together and celebrated with a few drinks and a dance before telling everybody the next day. On the Monday, two days later, I was at work and received a text saying I needed to be ready to go out by 7pm. He took me out for another meal anyway on Valentines day, as we always do, to celebrate again being engaged. This time I was ready on time though!!

Unfortunately, we don’t have the Beckham’s money, nor do I have her figure!  But we do love each other just as much and want our wedding day to be incredibly special ♥

I attended the Sefton Hotel Wedding Fair and saw your beautiful keepsake bouquets with mementos included.  Having done a degree in textile design that I haven’t used for years, I really appreciate the time, thought and effort that has gone into these (I’m now a teacher with no time to do anything arty apart from with Year 2 kids!)

Please help me create a ‘Beckham-esque’ Wedding! 🙂 “

Heather & Joseph ’50’s Glamour ♥ Polka Dot Wedding’

(written by Heather)

 I was first introduced to the special occasion of buying flowers for myself at a young age by my mum (who I lost when I was 9). As a young girl and an only child, I desperately wanted to be grown up and instead of spending my pocket-money on sweets, every now and again I’d buy a small bunch of freesia to put in my bedroom. Their sweet smell and pretty appearance were the perfect combination. In my adult life, I now buy flowers as a reminder of my mother, displaying my arrangements in the home that Joe and I have created together.

Flowers have always had a very special place in our relationship. When we first met, Joe would buy me flowers just…because – usually white roses, which he picked up that I love from comments in passing during our early conversations. As our knowledge of each other developed, Joe would buy me mixed bunches of reds and whites and bright pinks to sit alongside my little cacti and photo frames in my student house, as ‘well done’s’ when I handed pieces of work in and ‘get well soon’s’ when I fell victim to fresher’s flu every couple of months! He was a  proper gentleman then and still is now. The old-fashionedness of it all was very attractive at the time and somehow, even then, I always knew I’d met the boy I was going to marry.

I loved to have flowers in my room at university – it reminded me to take the time to reward myself for the hard work I was doing and enjoy the space I had created away from home, away from the Isle of Man. Between Joe buying them for me, and me buying them for myself – I developed a love for the ritual of trimming and arranging a bunch of flowers and watching them open, flourish and spoil – going to the market and florists in the city centre to replace the last lot with whatever matched my mood (and budget!). When money got tight, I looked for a ‘filler’ to bulk out my flowers and found gypsophila very useful in ‘prettifying’ the simplest of flowers. As we look towards our wedding, we see it less as a filler and more as a way of softening heavy bouquets, dragging rich cherry reds into the heart of summer…adding to the character and personality of our theme.                  

We are both very creative and are involved in the music scene both here and in Derby, where we have a lot of very tattooed friends – something that has highlighted the symbolism of flowers to us. Joe is keen to use the red and white theme of our day to promote ‘love’ and ‘trust’, two statements often embodied in tattoos as a red rose and a white rose. The role of love and trust in our relationship and with our parents grows ever stronger as we come together as one big family. Our large wedding party made up of 5 groomsmen and 5 bridesmaids reflects our extended family back in the UK and in the Isle of Man.

 The Isle of Man, and indeed getting married back here was always of paramount importance. Out of the blue; a beautiful surprise, in October, Joe proposed on Fenella Beach – stating that there was never any doubt in his choice of location…or girl! This incredible understanding of who I am and where I come from is a constant reassurance that he knows my heart inside out. I adore this place and I can’t wait for his family to see my Island! As I become more and more obsessed with online wedding blogs – my ideas are developing and our plans are growing; we really don’t want our creativity to be limited by money. I know that together with Heidi, we could make the most of our budget with the most incredible interpretations of our ideas but I am excited that with an increased budget – we can choose the flowers of our dreams, and create fabulous centrepieces to give as gifts, and remind people of our special day for weeks to come.                                                                                                                                         

 We are most excited that our wedding will bring together our past, present and future and we’d love this to be emphasised by the symbolic flowers we hope to incorporate in our day.

Ruth & David ‘Hogs & Kisses Wedding’

Photograph from Shans Photography

(written by Ruth)

“I first ‘saw’ Dave in the school corridors of QEII in 1988, Dave was 3 years older than me and my first thought was ‘Wow!’ as I watched him walk down the corridor!

Dave then became good friends with my brother – Dan – which led to a period of me ‘hanging around’ outside Dan’s bedroom to catch a glimpse of Dave when he came round.  Dave’s young spotty teenager comment at the time was “urghh, she’s ways too young for me!”, although as he would later admit, he actually “quite fancied me”.

Dave moved off the Island in 1995 to work around the world.  It was a time before emails, internet or text messages and we ended up losing touch.  I didn’t see him again, but always wondered what had happened to him.

As fate would have it, we reconnected through Facebook in 2009 when Dave ‘friend-requested’ me.  At that point, both of us had just come through unhappier times.  I obviously accepted and had a good look through ALL of his pictures to see if he was still as cute!  As it turns out “he was even more gorgeous than he had been back then”.

Dave was living in Bermuda at the time, but was due to move back to the Isle of Man in early 200.  We met for dinner when he was back in the Isle of Man for a job interview in September 2009.  It was like we had been in touch every day since he left the Isle of Man.  The conversation flowed easily, we laughed and both felt so comfortable in each others’ company.

When Dave left to go back to Bermuda, we spoke every day on the phone 2 or 3 times a day and consantly emailed, texted and chatted online.  There was a 4 hour time difference in Bermuda, so if I woke up  in the middle of the night, I would check Facebook to see if he had sent any messages or was on-line.  Dave couldn’t wait until January to see me so he flew me out to Bermuda to spend Thanksgiving with him.

I had an amazing time in Bermuda.  We both laughed so much and really enjoyed each others’ company and by the time I left Bermuda, we both knew this was the start of something totally amazing and special.

Dave moved back to the Isle of Man in January 2010 and since then we have been inseperable and our relationship has gone from strenght to strength.

Then on Friday 10th december 2010, Dave took me to New York, where at the top of the Rockefeller Centre, he went down on one knee, produced a gorgeous platinum diamond ring and asked me to marry him.  The Champagne has been flowing ever since.

The wedding date has been set for Saturday 7th April 2012 and we are both really excited about this.  Our relationship blossoms more & more every day.  We are the best of friends and now couldn’t live without each other.”

So there are our three lovely couples…. now it is down to you to choose a winner.  The prize up for grabs is £1500 worth of wedding flowers to help create their dream wedding, so with the next click of your mouse button, you are helping make their dream come true…. too much cheese?  Thought so!  Now get voting!<a href="https://polldaddy.com/p/5436698" target="_blank">Take Our Poll</a>

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