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The Flower Studio… Coming soon to a big screen near you!

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Excited, excited, EXCITED!! That is one word that could of explained the mood in The Flower Studio this week after being asked to create a bridal bouquet & buttonholes for a movie being filmed on the Island this week.

The film is a romcom starring none other than the rather gorgeous David Tennant (still my favourite Doctor, although Matt Smith is catching up!), Kelly McDonald & Alice Eve.

We were asked to create a romantic bouquet with vintage colours and with only 3 days notice we were relieved that we had some beautiful Memory Lane & Sweet Avalanche Roses in stock! Mixed with some Mint, Rosemary, Astrantia, Ceropegia, Allium, Creamy Twister & Snowflake spray roses and ivy trails, the finished bouquet was a beautifully scented creation that got the thumbs up from the Director Sheree Folkson (of Ugly Betty fame!)…

You saw it here first, so keep an eye out for the film, due for release in Summer 2011!

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