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Take some ‘me’ time….

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Since March 2009 (well, before that if you take in to account the months of planning!) most of my time has been taken up by The Flower Studio.  And this is not just the hours that the shop is open… from early morning deliveries, to having a moment of inspiration at 3am, that I know I will forget if I don’t get up and jot it down somewhere!  Even when I have a rare night out, the main question on everyone’s lips is ‘How’s the shop doing?’ and while I am touched that so many people are even interested in my little business, I sometimes wonder if that is all I have become?

I know I have changed as a person over the last three years, and my personality and mood can swing from being ambitious, confident and excited to nervous, paranoid and depressed in a matter of hours!  My other half has definitely put up with a lot, and I have to give him a big chunk of credit for my sanity still being in one piece (with the other chunks being equally split between family members and friends who know exactly who they are!)

One thing I have learnt, that can be such a quick and easy solution, is to give myself some ‘Me’ time.  Step back from my responsibilties, turn of my phone and laptop, STOP THINKING ABOUT WORK!  Even if it is just 5 minutes, I swear it works!

So, this Monday morning, the working week starts again.  I have bookkeeping to catch up on, wedding quotes to write, clients to meet, events to plan, and blogs to update!  So before I started, I took some ‘Me’ time.  I put on my walking shoes and wandered off in to the sunshine.

Although I work with nature everyday as a florist, I still don’t think I pay enough attention to it sometimes!  So this morning I listened (to the birds, lawnmowers, cows), I inhaled and smelt (seaweed, garlic, bonfires, and again, the cows!) and I stopped and looked at my surroundings.

So, what is your ‘Me’ time?  It may or may not be the same as mine, but if it helps you to switch off, then keep doing it!  Have a great week x

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