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Sunshine, ladders and Daisy the Cow!

I love a good challenge and that is definitely what the past weekend presented to me and my designers here at The Flower Studio.

We were honoured to be asked to create floral designs for 3 weddings and although that would always mean a busy few days (and usually a late Friday night!), one of these weddings was the civil partnership between the Kezia and Claire.  It. Was. Epic.

I first visited the girls to chat about their day at the end of 2011 and I was blown away by their ideas.  They had such a vision of what they wanted, that all that was left for me to do was turn their dreams into reality.

Most people want the sun to shine on their wedding day, I mean what Bride want to spend hours having their hair and makeup done, only for it to be blown away and streaked by the harsh Manx weather!  And then there are the photo opportunities!  Well for Claire & Kezia, to have the sun shining was important as most of their day was planned to be outside.  And thankfully, the sun got his hat on and even the cool breeze died down in the afternoon.

Ladders have never been my strong point, and this weakness was certainly put to the test with this event!   The front of Kezia’s Mum & Dad’s house was adorned with a swag of summer flowers, and then the Pièce de résistance was the pergola situated rather close to a cliff edge!

Whilst travelling to the cliff location, I also took a wrong turn into a field full of very protective mummy cows guarding their calves…. just at the point when reverse gear temporarily disappeared from the 4×4.  Yes, I’ll roll my window up, because that will definitely save us!

Guests were treated to displays of flowers on gateposts, trampoles, the trailers that took them across the fields to the ceremony, and even Daisy the Cow(asaki!) was given special treatment!

I’ll stop babbling now and show you some of the photos that we took to prove that I can climb up a ladder without crying like a baby!

I also want to say a big thank you to my girls (Michelle, Cat, Jo & Marcia) for all their help and a special thank you to Clare (aka McGee) who had only come over as a guest but ended up getting roped in during the Pergola decoration!

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