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Sunshine and Spring Cleaning….

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Is it still Spring?  No, ok then, my Spring cleaning was late, but it was in my garden, so technically it doesn’t count!

I say garden, it is a yard, a small, dark, damp yard.  Which is all the more reason to fill it with pretty flowers, no?

I love pinks and purples, there is no denying that, so my choice of plants included pretty purple and blue Violas, Pink Osteospermum and Lobelia

And for my Hanging Basket, I chose a utterly scrumptious Fuchsia, called ‘Blacky’.  I adore Fuchsia, especially when it is just growing as a wild hedge on the Island, with its pretty little ballerina flowers… well ‘Blacky’ is more of a Can Can Dancer from the Moulin Rouge with her big frilly skirt!  The other new addition to my hanging basket were some strawberries… I have a romantic notion that in the summer, we can step outside with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and nibble strawberries for breakfast!  Just dont tell the pigeons about them!

So although it isn’t much of a ‘garden’ it is my little patch of prettiness, and the bees have found it and were buzzing around this morning, so if nothing else, I have provided nature with a new hangout!!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend… get out in the garden if it is sunny and chillout with the bees!

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