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Rustic Gift Wrap Tutorial

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Here is a simple and effective way to wrap your Christmas presents – making them look so stylish you would hardly want to open them!

What you need:

  1. Brown or plain paper

  2. Twine or ribbon

  3. Small fir cones or seed pods

  4. Small piece of Christmas tree greenery or evergreen foliage

  5. Decorated luggage label

  6. Strong glue or glue gun.

  7. Any other bits of pretty embellishments!

Gift wrap collage

Wrap your presents in the paper as normal – I like to use just plain brown or coloured paper as the decoration stands out more against a non patterned background.

Tie your ribbon or twine around the parcel and secure with a knot.

Attach the pieces of Christmas tree or other evergreen foliage first with the glue. For these designs I have used eucalyptus, conifer and rosemary as they have a lovely scent.  I like to use a glue gun as it is quick to dry and super strong for items such as fir cones. Top Tip: Use tweezers to hold small items and the end of a teaspoon to press down on stems or pieces of ribbon so that you don’t burn your fingers on the hot glue!

Christmas Rustic Gift Wrap

Then glue the fir cones or seed pods on top.  You could add glitter or sequins if you want it to sparkle or just leave it natural.  I like to co-ordinate the wrapping with the labels but it looks just as lovely if they are mismatched.

Write your message on the luggage label, tie it on to your parcel and hide in a safe place until Christmas!

Rustic Gift Wrap

For the tutorial for the decorated labels click here and visit our Pinterest page for more ideas on how to gift wrap your presents with beauty!

Coming up next in our Homemade & Crafty Christmas Countdown – dried fruit for decoration.

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