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Puppy Love

Last week I was invited to a few of my clients’ houses to help with their Christmas decorations and I have to say, I quite enjoyed working in a nice warm living room compared to the somewhat cooler environment of the Flower Studio!

Mantelpiece garlands really create a focal point for the room and can be co-ordinated to match your Christmas tree, which is what Ann asked me to do with hers.

An antique clock that used to belong to her Grandmother was in the centre of the display and I used cinnamon, pine cones and gold twigs to decorate the holly and fir swag.

This home visit was made extra special though because I had the cutest little assistant… a 9 week old black labrador puppy called Louis….

He was quite an enthusiastic designer, experimenting (chewing) with the cinnamon sticks and holly (ouch!) but I managed to convince him that the plastic bottle didn’t quite fit the colour scheme!

Don’t worry though McVitie… you will always be my number 1 ♥

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