Plant of the Week - Pilea peperomioides 'Mojito'

Updated: Jul 4

We all know and love Pilea peperomioides or Chinese Money Plant, so here is a slightly different variety to add to your collection.

Mojito has delightful speckled variegation on her leaves making her quite a special and sought after houseplant.

She prefers bright indirect light - I have mine on a north-west facing window so they get the last rays of the sun in the evening. Anything stronger than this and her leaves can curl and scorch. Allow her soil to dry out on the surface between watering and she loves her leaves to be misted occasionally - or pop her in a high humidity room like the bathroom.

If you bring a Pilea into your home and treat her well you will be rewarded with baby Pilea who grow up from the base of the mother plant. Once these get to about 5cm tall you can carefully detach them and grow them on as separate plants - perfect gifts for friends and family!

Baby Pilea plant at the base of the Mother plant
Tiny baby Pilea

They can be prone to aphid attacks on the new shoots in the centre of the plant, but these can be kept under control with gentle washes of water to knock the bugs off.

Her best feature though? She is another one of our Non-Toxic lovelies so is fine to have in a home with naughty pets and curious children!

Beautiful leaf markings on Pilea 'Mojito'
Beautiful leaf markings on Pilea 'Mojito'

If you'd like to add this beauty to your collection find her in our online shop. We would love to see you Pilea Mojito if you have one - tag us on Instagram @flowerstudioiom

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