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Painting, sewing, cleaning and squealing at frogs

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

My other half went away at the weekend, so what do I do with the flat to myself?  Get my girlfriends round to watch chick flicks and drink cocktails?  No, no, no… I took the opportunity to spring clean the place, which led to all sorts!

I am an impulse decorator.  I don’t plan colour schemes with mood boards and fabric swatches.  I wake up in the morning and decide ‘I’m going to paint the bedroom today!’, so after work on Saturday I paid a trip to B&Q and had a mooch around.

The colour scheme was going to depend on one thing… I needed to get a new curtain as I despised the old red bit of cloth that currently hung over the window, and because the window is on a door, I needed a 90″ curtain and the only one that length that was in stock was ‘Duck Egg Blue’.  So that is what colour our room shall be!  I realise there would be so many more possibilities if I sat down and planned these things but if I did that, the job would never get done!

Is it silly to get excited when you realise your new curtains match your new shoes??

As I was putting the room together and clearing out old junk, I came across 2 large cushions that had been gathering dust under the bed, and knew exactly what to do with them!  I had some blue and gold cloth from a photoshoot, and some moss green cloth that I used to use for display in the shop, so dusted down my sewing machine and made a couple of covers.  The blue and gold cloth was reversible, so each cushion is a slightly different colour.   I also made them slightly too big, but remedied that by stitching a flat hem around the edge!

This weekend has seen me fall in love with this colour, it is so elegant and pretty… perfect for a wedding as it can be mixed with vintage and shabby chic or go for more elegant styling.

Here are a few more pictures to inspire you…

(see the rest of the photos here) and we mixed soft pink, peach, and ivory with pearls, lace and vintage fabrics (can you spot my cushions!?)

Knots & Kisses would go perfectly with a ‘Duck Egg’ colour scheme,  the Vintage Cameo design has a very elegant feel, and the Country Garden Design is a bit more shabby chic.  Visit the website to see the rest of her beautiful collection.

Moodboard Credits: Ruby PlumThe Greatest Cakes, Monsoon, Ella JamesCoast, MeninafelizManxMiss, Irregular Choice,

Oh… what does any of this have to do with squealing at frogs?  During my cleaning frenzy I was scrubbing the bay windows of our basement flat, and there is a damp dark corner that litter collects in… I picked up an old sandwich wrapper and a frog jumped out and landed on my foot.  I squealed.

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