My Top 5 non-toxic houseplants

I am always being asked about plant and flower toxicity whether it is relating to wedding flowers or houseplants, and to be honest, most plant material that is dangerous also doesn't taste very nice, which is where our natural instinct to spit it out comes in to play!

But if you want to be super careful, then these are my top non-toxic houseplants to have in your home and rest easy that curious children and animals won't come to any harm!

Ceropegia - String of Hearts, String of Needles, Green Love - I mean this is also one of my favourite plants anyway, so it's a bonus that she is also safe. When I say safe, you need to keep her out of reach still especially from naughty kittens as her long dangly stems are often too tempting and I have had one or two fall on the floor from being batted about!

Pilea - Chinese Money Plant, Mojito - Another favourite and one that enjoys being on a windowsill, so good news that your cats favourite sun spots aren't going to be out of bounds!

Peperomia - Peperomia obtusifolia variegata, polybotrya - Another plant with thick fleshy leaves that we stock a couple of different varieties of, but there are thousands of different ones, all originating from tropical and sub tropical parts of the world and all of them are non-toxic.

Dizygotheca elegantissima - Bianca - What a joy to know that this beautiful variegated plant is one that you can place anywhere in the home without worry! Which is good news as she is a great beginner houseplant who can survive in most levels of light.

Fatsia Japonica - A beautiful evergreen foliage plant perfect for the home and garden. The leaves are used a lot in floral design too for their longevity out of water and their dark glossy lobed leaves.

Other popular houseplants that are safe to have around pets and curious children are:

  • Boston or Sword Fern

  • Christmas or Easter Cactus

  • Spider Plants

  • African Violets

  • Fittonia

  • Phalaenopsis Orchids

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