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My Love for the Rose

Updated: Oct 21

Rose 'Ranuncula'

As a florist I am often asked what my favourite flower is, and if I am perfectly honest it is a question I have real difficulty  in answering!  From big beautiful Hydrangeas, to the often overlooked (and even hated!) Carnations, I find beauty in all of them.  Of course there are certain combinations that I personally wouldn’t have in a vase in my home… perhaps pink and yellow spray Chrysanthemums… but to pick a favourite?  Way too tricky!

Rose 'Green Eye'

In this post I wanted to share with you one of my many favourites… the Rose.  With over 100 species and thousands of varieties to choose from, the Rose is certainly a versatile bloom, and perhaps that is what makes it so popular for weddings.  Some are scented, some have no thorns, but all of them have a timeless beauty.

I am lucky to be able to choose from all these varieties when I order my flowers for the shop and have included pictures of some of the more unusual ones here… these are not the roses that you grab from your local supermarket or garage forecourt (please don’t ever do that…)

Rose ‘Ranuncula’, named so because of its similarities to the Ranuncula flower and with such pretty striped petals it makes a great alternative to the standard red rose.  It has a pretty amazing vase life too lasting up to three weeks.

Rose 'Pacific Blue'

Rose ‘Pacific Blue’ is one of a small group of ‘Blue’ roses and is the closest that horticulturists can get to blue without using harsh dyes.  Scientists have worked for years to try an achieve this through selective breeding and genetic modification, but maybe it isn’t meant to be… we always want what we can’t have!  Anyway, ‘Pacific Blue’ is a delicate lilac rose with a large head and a marvellous lemony scent and I love it!

Rose 'Oxygen'

 Rose ‘Oxygen’ is one of a long list of pink roses that I can’t resist having when I see them at my wholesalers.  Other members of the list include ‘Esperance’, ‘Upper Secret’, ‘Dolce Vita’ and how I shrieked when I discovered a pink rose called ‘Heidi’

 Sometimes a rose has been named after something obvious, such as ‘Avalanche’ the well known large snowy white rose, or the more unusual ‘Green Eye’ because of its, well, green eye!  As soon as I saw Rose ‘Tiramisu’ (Yes I ordered it because I love the dessert!) I could see exactly where the breeders were coming from when they named it.

Rose 'Tiramisu'

 Its creamy petals look like they have been dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with cocoa!

Rose rugosa 'Roseraie De L'Hay'

 My love affair with Roses probably started when I worked for the National Trust for Scotland in the beautiful gardens of Kellie Castle in Fife.  In this garden, roses covered trellises, archways, and swags.  They were allowed to ramble freely over walls and pathways, and yes at the end of the year was the tough job of pruning them, but there was satisfaction in knowing that their display was likely to be even better the following year.  My favourite rose in this garden was the wonderfully fragrant Rose rugosa ‘Roseraie De L’Hay, a large flowered cerise rose with the most amazing old fashion rose scent. 

Do you have a favourite flower?  I would love to hear your comments, yes even if our favourites are pink and yellow chrysanthemums!


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