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Monday is for Making Things!

>So, if you have been following our little Blog the last couple of days, you will know that we have just celebrated  our 2nd Birthday and this week we are looking at some of the wonderful experiences that have happened in our shop since we opened. Yesterday I shared some photos from our workshops, and seeing as we have our Flower Design School class this evening, I thought I would do a ‘How To’ feature so those of you that aren’t coming this evening can still join in the creativity and make something!  And if you like this feature, let me know with a comment and it might become a regular Monday post.

Funky Candle Table Centre


1 Chunky candle, string or binding wire, decorative wire, wool or ribbon, buttons or beads, selection of cut flowers (we have used Rose ‘Red Naomi’, Craspedia and orange and cerise Germini)

Picture 1:  tie one end of the string tightly around the candle, leaving a length of string to tie off at the end of the design

Pictures 2 & 3:  Holding the candle in one hand, place the flowers under the long end of the string, winding it around the candle and keeping it tight to hold the stems in place.

Picture 4:  Once all the flowers are around the candle, wind the string around an extra couple of times for good measure, and tie off using the shorter length from the start.

Picture 5: Use your ribbon or wool to cover the string.

Picture 6:  Trim the stems of the flowers so that they are the same as the bottom of the candle.

  Place the candle in a bowl or on a plate and add just enough water so that the bottom of the stems are covered.

Thread your buttons and beads on to the piece of decorative wire and loosely bind around the base of the design to finish.

Voila! Stand back and admire your floral Masterpiece!

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