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I’m in Love with…..

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

… a little plant called Campanula.

You can tell the type of plants and flowers I like because I tend to have them in my shop!  There aren’t many flowers I dislike, perhaps if pushed, I would say bright orange lillies, but that is because I have never really been an orange kinda girl.  However, plants I am fussier about.  Cactus, for instance, is a plant you will rarely see in The Flower Studio.  If a customer wants me to order them a cactus, who am I to tell them what they can and can’t have, but it is not a plant I would choose to display.  The reason for this is if I am not keen on something, I find it difficult to get passionate about it.

Well, this week it is pretty obvious which plants I am passionate about as my little shop is full of the perfect purple petals of Campanula plants.

The bell like flowers are so charming, and these plants flower on and on throughout the summer, so long as you pinch off the dead flowers and don’t overwater them.

Whether they are mixed up with other cottage garden plants, such as lavender or ivy, or just on their own, they are just simply beautiful.

I adore these wooden trugs with painted hearts dangling from the side, they somehow make me think of a hot summer day in France!  But if you are looking for something a bit more contemporary, then Campanula look fab planted in these chic silver cubes, lined up in groups of three or four, and they would make perfect centrepieces for a dinner party, perhaps doubling up as a gift for your guests to take home at the end of the night?

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