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Hot and Patriotic

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Thought I would share a couple of new items in The Flower Studio this week…

Firstly, our local growers have been doing us proud this summer with an amazing supply of seasonal flowers, including Gladioli, Aster, Sunflowers, Dahlia and Inula. We mixed them up in to simple posies, wrapped in a bit of our brown paper and they have been selling like crazy!!

I also saw these little miniature pepper plants at my wholesalers and knew they would be a hot hit with my customers. Potted up in some funky baskets and ceramic containers and mixed with some Garlic & Chilli Oil from The Room & Garden Shop, they make a perfect gift for anyone who likes a bit of fire in their food!

Last but not least, this next photo is not from the shop, but from our allotment… last night, as usual, time ran away with us and before we knew it, the sun was starting to set rather dramatically!

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