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Gregor Lersch on the Isle of Man

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Regular readers of this blog will already know that I met someone special this week.

From the moment I picked up ‘Principles of Floral Design’ by Gregor Lersch whilst studying floristry at Writtle College, I was hooked.  The elegant structures and placement of flowers was different from anything I had ever seen and I was blown away.

So when one of my customers (and now friend, Trudi) suggested we asked him to visit the Isle of Man for a workshop and demonstration, I got a little excited!

This week, it all became reality and there is so much to share with you all, I cannot possibly fit it all in to one post.  So here is part one…. The Preparation.

A lot of work goes in to preparing for a workshop, and when it is a workshop by Gregor, a LOT of preparation goes in to it.  It may have been hard work, but I learnt so much in these couple of days, it was truly inspiring.

I asked Gregor where he found his inspiration for his designs he handed me his sketchbook to look at.  Wow!  Each page contained beautiful ink drawings of his ideas with notes on the flower material and structural design – they were works of art before they even left the page.

So enough of my gushing, let me show you some photos that were taken during this process.

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