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Flower of the Month – February – Alstroemeria

February is the month when we make a special effort to celebrate Love – and red roses have become synonymous with romance but what about expressing love to your friends and family?


We love using the Language of Flowers in our work at The Flower Studio, and the Alstroemeria is used to symbolise enduring friendship. It’s therefore, the perfect gift to confirm a beautiful friendship. The flower itself has six petals which stand for understanding, humour, patience, empathy, commitment, and respect.


Alstroemerias are super long lasting flowers and we rarely get to enjoy their full colour in the shop as they are usually still in bud when we use them in designs.  But what a wow factor they have when they finally open up!  Below are some top tips to get them to last as long as possible – usually up to 2 weeks!

Caring for Alstroemerias

•    Trim the stems diagonally and remove the bottom leaves so they don’t dangle in the water. •    Arrange the Alstroemerias in a clean vase with fresh water and some cut flower food. •    Avoid placing the vase in full sun, near a fruit bowl or near a radiator. •    Remove wilted flowers and regularly top the vase up with tap water.


We will have a variety of colours of Alstroemeria in stock throughout February, so please feel free to pop in and take some of these beauties home yourself!

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