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Classic Cream Roses and Pearls

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

As with all fashion led industries, there are different trends each year for weddings, and this includes the flowers.  When The Flower Studio first opened in 2009 the vintage trend was kicking off and it was all about shabby chic styling and charity shop finds.  This has continued to an extent, especially with a lot of Brides trying to save money by DIY-ing reception flowers in bud vases and old bottles.

And with the rise of wedding blogs, the more unusual or unique your wedding is, the more likely it is to be included on sites such as Rock n’ Roll Bride or Rock My Wedding, giving Brides the opportunity to show off their special day to the world!

Having said all this, I believe that when you are planning your wedding, there is only one thing you should bear in mind, and that is what do you like?  What is your idea of a perfect wedding?  You want to be able to look back at your wedding photographs in 20 years time and still be in love with all of it, and not think “I wish I’d done that differently”

The wedding we provided flowers for at the weekend was simple, classic and elegant.  It was Mandy’s second wedding so she didn’t want any fuss and as she lives in the Midlands, most of the organising was done through emails and phone calls.

Her choice of flowers was cream roses (Vendella) with gold and pearl details to match her dress and jewellery.  Her bouquet was a handtied posy of roses and her flowergirl carried a sparkly basket of roses and scented waxflower.

Even when the choice of flowers is as simple as cream roses, I think it is the detail and the finishing touches that make the designs unique and personal for different Brides.

The ladies and gentlemen of the wedding party wore cream rose buttonholes and corsages, which are perfect choices for any wedding as they won’t clash with guests outfits if you aren’t sure what they will be wearing.

The hoverfly that photobombed this picture was rescued and placed on a more pollen filled bloom before we delivered it to the Bridal party!

And a final touch was this pretty gift for one of the witnesses – small enough to transport back to England on the boat!

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