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Better late than never!

Yep, I had my dizzy head on this week and kept leaving my (brother’s) camera at home along with all my photos of the wedding flowers from last weekend.

So here are a few for you, like I said, better late than never!!  The upside of leaving the camera at home was that I got some uber cute photos of my two kitties…. I might share them with you later too!

The Chapel of St John was the venue for Eily & Alex’s wedding ceremony and what a stunning day of sunshine and blue skies they had!  The colour scheme was determined by Alex’s family tartan which is green and orange, so after a couple of meetings, Eily, her Mum Claire and I had chosen the flowers of Cymbidium Orchids, Gloriosa Lilies, Cherry Brandy Roses, Echinacea, Mango Calla Lilies and Virburnum opulus.  The results were quite stunning! 

Their family & friends helped to decorate the rest of the church and the tables at their marquee in Patrick.  I think my favourites were these simple, yet stunning pew ends in the church.

And now for the bouquets….

And last, but by no means least, the men in the wedding party carrid the Scottish theme with a blue Eryngium thistle buttonhole, complimented with red Virburnum berries. 

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