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UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man

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Today we received confirmation that The Flower Studio has been welcomed as partners of UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man!

What exactly does this mean though?  I've always known the Isle of Man is a pretty special place - its land and seascapes, its heritage and traditions, it's just one of those places that's just, well, magical.  

I'm not the only person that thinks this either because back in 2016, world heritage body UNESCO designated the entire Island a Biosphere Reserve - making it the first entire island nation to receive this accolade which will help to celebrate and protect the breadth and range of its biodiversity.

UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man is partnering with local businesses and organisations to help keep the Isle of Man a special place to work, live and visit.  The Flower Studio has taken the following pledge along with a whole heap of amazing local businesses:

  • to help protect our natural resources
  • to develop our economy in a sustainable way
  • to support and promote our local heritage
  • to make our environmental impact positive where possible
  • to engage with the local community
  • to promote our outstanding living landscape and seascape through active involvement with UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man

For more information about the work of UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man and how you can get involved visit their website here.

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