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The First Visitors...

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The last few weeks have been hectic to say the least and we are almost ready to reveal our new premises... just a couple of little jobs to tidy up, but we are nearly there!

Hendricks Gin, copper plate, candelabra, sequins

We had our first official visitors today, the ever exuberant Jamie from LewisLewis & Gef fame popped in to run through some bits and pieces that I am getting involved with for Gefachella (read more and buy tickets here) and then the lovely  (and super cool!) Sarah Jewell swung buy and took some sneaky little pictures to share with you....

disco ball, glitter ball, roses
silver vase, glass plate, succulent, apple crate
scented candle, soy wax, handmade, pink gin

So are you ready for the next chapter yet?

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