The Language of Flowers

We don't just love working with flowers because they look pretty, but because they have their own language!  There are lots of different 'dictionarys' that you can refer to - the Victorians, the Renaissance, and even dating back to Biblical times - flowers have been used as symbols in paintings or to send hidden messages between lovers.

These are some of our favourites:

Amaryllis - Pride

Anenome - Forsaken

Aster - Love & Daintiness

Bells of Ireland - Good Luck

Cactus/Succulents - Endurance

Carnation (all colours) - Fascination, Divine Love

Carnation (pink) - I'll never forget you

Carnation (red) - My heart aches for you

Carnation (white)- Sweet & Lovely, Innocent & Pure

Chrysanthemum - You're a wonderful friend

Daffodil - Unrequited Love

Daisy - Innocence, purity

Fern  - Magic & fascination

Gardenia - You're Lovely

Gladiolus - Give me a break!

Heather - Admiration

Holly - Domestic happiness

Iris - Friendship

Ivy - Wedded Love

Lavender - Tranquility

Lily - Beauty, majesty

Moss - Maternal Love

Orchid - Love & Beauty, refinement

Peony - Happy marriage

Rose (pink) - Grace & joy

Rose (red) Love & respect

Rose (white) - Innocence & secrecy

Rose (yellow) - Joy & friendship

Sweet Pea - Blissful pleasure, thank you

Tulip - Perfect Love


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